Having a parasol is great, however a parasol base is essential to keep your garden parasol from blowing away in the wind. Here at ParasolBases.co.uk we supply a range of qulity parasol bases to solve that issue.

There are many types of different parasol bases available, please explore our range below. If you require any additional advice don't worry, we are here to help and with our broad range of parasol bases, we hope that you will be able to find one to suit your needs.

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The traditional concept of parasol bases... has been subverted and now instead of a simple "block" to place your parasol into, we offer stylish and innovative concepts such as parasol bases on wheels and a "spike" for erecting your parasol which can be driven into the ground. Moreover, the materials that we use can range from steel to granite and we have parasol bases to suit all kinds of terrain. Please have a look at a couple of the different kinds of parasol bases that we offer in more detail:

The Parasol Base - Stainless Steel is between 30 kg in weight It's design is especially for hardwood parasols. It's constructed with a "screw on" tube section and has a plastic collar and side retention screw.

The dimensions of this parasol base are that it's length and width are 48 cm and it's base thickness is 5.8mm, it's Full height, (with tube): 38cm.

The Lawn Spike Garden Parasol Base will provide effective support for parasol poles that are in size from 33 to 56 mm. It's easy to use and in order to embed it in the ground, simply step on it for softer surfaces or hammer onto the "flat angle profile" for harder surfaces. Rest assured, the tube is made from weather resistant aluminium and all other steel parts are galvanised. Water is drained through the tube and protects your lawn, hence can leave only weight marks. The approximate weight is a moderate 1.2 kg and base 180 mm.

No garden is complete without a Parasol, make sure yours stands tall with a strong durable parasol base...